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Pensions ActPensions Act

Following an update to RACS Group’s processes and procedures, we have successfully integrated all aspects of the Pensions Act and Auto-enrolment as of 1st October 2013 following a three month deferral period.

All qualifying employees who fall into the legislation’s criteria have been enrolled from this date and RACS Group is now fully managing all facets of the legislation on behalf of our agencies.

RACS Group continually monitors legislative change both to protect and to provide commercial opportunities for our agencies. We consider this to be a crucial element of our payroll provision service and due diligence procedures essential to maintaining compliance.

False Self-EmploymentFalse Self-Employment

We are acutely aware that Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs are currently scrutinising agency workers to assess their true self-employment status (or otherwise).

Currently, an individual can be classed as self-employed if they are not under any obligation to provide their services personally, i.e. if they can send another person to fulfil their duties in their place. Employment agencies often insert clauses into the contracts of their workers permitting them to send a substitute, even if, in practice, the worker always provides his services personally.Various Government proposals are being put forward that might change this directive and all agencies can be assured that RACS Group is actively monitoring all potential amendments to a worker’s status.

Agency Workers Regulations (AWR)Agency Workers Regulations (AWR)
RACS Group has formulated a series of solutions to comply with (and never to circumnavigate) the requirements of AWR.

RACS Group's Collective product adopts the logical approach and supports Professions, Comparator/Match Pay and Regulation 10 (Swedish Derogation) contracts. Please do not hesitate to advise us if your agency has any preference to the various options available.

RACS Group will fully indemnify the Swedish Derogation model for a marginal increase of gross salary of 5% per pay period (AWR Assurance fee) and the Swedish Derogation contract is only issued upon your instruction.

The Comparator Model will also hold full indemnity against claims providing the necessary information is received in good time of any qualifying periods.

RACS Group has published a full explanatory guide to AWR for all our agencies and we encourage you to refer to this document for further clarification and information.

False Self-Employment

Recruitment agencies, contractors and intermediaries subject to unparalleled levels of scrutiny.

After two years of rumour and conjecture, the activities of umbrella companies and their clients will face forensic examinations by HM Revenue & Customs. New legislation which became mandatory in August 2015 forces agencies and contractors to provide detailed information regarding themselves, their employment contracts and their supply chain to HM Revenue & Customs upon request. RACS Group has already viewed copies of letters sent directly to contractors and it is vital that agencies only use umbrella providers who can fully prove their compliance status.

RACS Group offer agencies the following protection and benefits:

  • Fully integrated reporting systems already in place
  • Payroll information available to agencies in any format
  • New automated agency schedule upload functionality
  • Dedicated agency portal area & secure management information
  • Wholly compliant with National Minimum Wage legislation
  • Proven not to be a Pay Day by Pay Day Model
  • Contributing to the 'umbrella review' consultation period
  • New Agency Care department to look after your interests

For an independent compliance review, please contact Adam Jordan.

0345 604 0571

New Travel & Subsistence Legislation
introduced April 2016

All those involved in the supply of temporary workers face the prospect of significant changes to existing working practices and processes with the introduction of new guidance regarding Travel & Subsistence (T&S) tax relief. The vast majority of contractors are longer be eligible for tax relief on home-to-work travel or subsistence expenses as of April 2016. Site-to-site relief might still apply for certain contractors including care workers, district nurses, midwives, carpenters, web developers & consultants.

Introduced as part of the Finance Act 2015, Employment Intermediaries and Tax Relief for Travel & Subsistence legislation will undoubtedly have a significant impact on many contractors and agencies who have hitherto relied upon umbrella companies to manage their payroll. Thankfully, RACS Group has devised a portfolio of fully compliant products to ensure that all those engaged in the supply chain of temporary labour can continue to run their commercial affairs without interruption.

RACS Group has also expanded its PSC division as more and more contractors embrace the full limited company option as an alternative to the umbrella with expenses platform. Our team of experienced finance professionals have vast experience of the contracting sector and are always available to provide help and advice to workers choosing to run their own business. Learn more about RACS PSC.

Equally, RACS Group's PAYE payroll bureau offers a streamlined option for agencies and contractors who prefer a simple option for paying those who suit a standard pay as you earn model. Visit our RACS PAYE page to learn more.

All of our products totally conform to all Government legislation and employment guidelines from HM Revenue & Customs to protect the commercial interests of all stakeholders.

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New Travel & Subsistence Legislation
to be introduced in April 2016

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